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Born and raised in Louisiana, Katherine Bennett was always entranced with the beauty of her state. She retired after twenty-seven years in corporate America and began to write The Naked Soul in 1999. She wanted others to experience the magic and come under the spell of the most unknown area in America. The diverse cultures and breathtaking yet mysterious world of Cajuns, Creoles, Redbones, Indians, Gypsies and tragic slaves with their own religions, such as Santeria, are brought to light as never before. Most Civil War novels have been told with cotton plantations as a back drop. Katherine tells the saga of a family on a sugar cane plantation, from the 1840s through the tumultuous Civil War years and reconstruction. Love, murder, cruelty and kindness create a spellbinding tale of a family during a time that left its mark forever on the American psyche.

Katherine passed away with her family by her side on December 2, 2009.
She will be terribly missed. Click Here for a Video Memorial >>