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“The Naked Soul transports you deep within Creole plantation country of the mid-nineteenth century and offers an accurate look at the grand center of its economic and social culture—the Louisiana sugar mill.”

David Stewart, Owner, Alma Sugar Cane Plantation
Lakeland, Louisiana. (In active sugar cane production since the late 1700s.)

“What kind of novels do you like--mystery, romance, historic, dramatic, adventurous, who-done-it? You don't have to choose, you can get it all in The Naked Soul. Let this authentic Southern writer tell you what really happened.”

Mary B. Blalock, Ph.D., Assoc. Professor (ret.)
Southeastern Louisiana University
Hammond, LA

“Although every character in The Naked Soul is the product of Katherine's prolific creativity, she brings each one to life in unexpected fashion, and takes the reader to new places in what seems to be familiar territory--the deep south before, during, and after the Civil War. Be ready for a journey that encompasses both the nobility and the darker desires of the Southern aristocracy as Katherine's carefully researched and artfully contrived saga unfolds. Enjoy!”

David McCuen, Photo-Editor (ret.)